Home Buy

As a qualified “Buyers Agent”, “Property Valuer” and our experience in the Sydney property market, we can take the pain and the emotional stress out of the many hours required in identifying potential properties.

We work with you closely to determine your property requirements (either to live in or for investment purposes) and only present information on those properties that meet your purchase criteria.

Once we have short-listed the potential property(s) we provide market information related to the properties to assist with the final decision and will negotiate the purchase either privately or via auction saving you time and effort.

When you sign up with us you are in caring hands and work closely with “Selling Agents” to identify properties. We say … “It’s likely the property we will identify for purchase is yet to be listed”.

Whether you are a local to Sydney or not, the Sydney property market is one we know well and can help you to purchase a home and \ or investment suited to your lifestyle.

There is a fee for this service and will be structured according to your needs and time frame. Please note a 10% deposit is required prior to commencement of our services.